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5 Tips on How to Integrate Into a New Team

Starting a new job? Successfully fitting into a new working environment full of new people can feel like quite a daunting task, especially if most of those people already have close working relationships. Developing a rapport with your new colleagues is really important, not only for your productivity (you’re part of a team, after all) but also for your mental health.

Below are some quick and easy tips that you can try to make yourself feel more comfortable and like you are part of the team.

How to Integrate Yourself Into a New Team

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Communication plays a very important role in helping you and others to feel part of a team. The quicker you can help people to understand you and what makes you tick (and vice versa), the quicker you will build the trusting relationships you need to successfully integrate yourself into a team. Of course, it’s not always just about what you communicate to others, but also how you communicate it. Try to be a positive influence on the working atmosphere, instead of projecting too much cynicism. People love to be around positive people. It energises them.

So, take it from us: you can’t go wrong if you’re saying things with a smile!

2. Don’t overlook anyone

You may be tempted to focus all of your attention on those people in the team with whom you have the most in common. This is only natural, and there is nothing wrong with having strong relationships with a select few people. However, it would be a mistake to ignore your other colleagues. Aside from it being a little rude, there is always a high likelihood that your paths will cross professionally or personally in some significant way at some point and, when they do, it will be of benefit if you’ve already developed a good rapport with them.

A good way to do this is to be inclusive with your communication: Say good morning and goodbye to everyone you see, direct any general questions you have towards the team rather than just one person, and try to have open conversations which include anyone who wishes to contribute.

3. Be observant, be approachable

Have you ever really observed someone when they talk? It really helps you to understand not just what they are saying, but what they really think, which are sometimes two slightly different things. This will put you in a great position to be able to navigate the often delicate world of workplace politics. It’s hardly ever advisable to take sides in a workplace dispute; it’s much better to put your energy into understanding everyone’s point of view, and being respectful of it.

Being observant can also help you to quickly understand the different personalities you are working with. Not everyone is a chatterbox, while other people enjoy being lively. If you can master the skill of being that person in the team who can adapt and communicate meaningfully with everyone, it will make you someone everyone feels comfortable with.

4. Offer to help 

Everyone loves a helper and this is a sure-fire way to ensure your new workmates quickly understand what a great person they’re working with! Always keep one ear to the office chatter – there will frequently be opportunities to provide a helping hand to someone in need.

It doesn’t need to take a lot of time out of your day; it could be as simple as showing someone a neat time-saving trick on Excel, or helping someone with a correct spelling.

Regardless of the nature of the assistance, you can be sure you will quickly gain a reputation as someone who is friendly, approachable and resourceful – and who doesn’t like having those people around?

5. Offer to make a round of teas

Erm, need we say more? 

So there you have it – five rock-solid ways to successfully integrate yourself into your new working environment. Be sure to check out our future blogs for more handy tips and tricks on everything work-related!

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