Evenfields Community

Black Careers Matter Masterclasses

The Black Careers Matter Masterclasses are delivered through a range of confidence-building and work experience activities that coach young adults in the black community of the West Midlands to identify their career goals whilst also providing the tools to reach them. 

The programmes  were created and are delivered with the intuit of guiding young adults throughout their career journey, whilst nurturing and promoting Black Talent, and, ultimately, helping them secure employability. Because Black Careers Matter!

The BCM Masterclasses will:

  • Raise your aspirations
  • Provide you with  the tools to navigate the recruitment process
  • Give you an insight into the corporate work environment
  • Offer you a life changing experience
  • Improve your public speaking skills
  • Open up potential work experience opportunities
  • Provide expert career advice and opportunities
  • Help you to network and meet role models
  • Welcome you to the Evenfields Community and family

If you want to find out more about our programmes, please contact us via the button below.