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I contacted Denise because I wanted to improve the way I presented myself to potential employers, whether that be on my CV or in person.
Denise took the time to understand my weaknesses and my strengths and made practical and easy steps I could take to improve. Her coaching gave me the confidence to take a new career step with confidence. The time and dedication that she put in means that it would be a no-brainer to go back if I ever need help again.
RG – Customer Relationship Manager, Professional Services
I was tired of being overlooked for promotion opportunities. I was told that I didn’t show strong leadership and lacked confidence but I didn’t know how to change it.
Working with Denise made me feel at ease and helped me develop simple techniques to show leadership, especially in project work. I knew I had it in me, but Denise helped me get it out. My manager noticed a real difference in me, and said I’d be put up for the next available promotion.
I even started looking at my overall career path and considering options both within and outside my current employer. Talking to Denise was the first of hopefully many steps in taking action rather than just coasting and letting things happen. Couldn’t recommend the service highly enough.
JH – Project Manager, Management Consultancy
After graduation I really struggled to secure a professional job role. I wasn’t clear about which career path I wanted to follow and I was getting nowhere applying for graduate schemes.
I went through a full career coaching course with Denise. We discussed new career ideas, worked on CV and interview skills. She opened me to career prospects I had never even considered for myself.
I am now enjoying a healthy, happy career doing something I love. If it wasn’t for Denise’s coaching skills, I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now so for that, I remain very grateful.
NT – Group Learning and Development Professional, Automotive Sector
After returning to the UK from abroad, I found it extremely difficult to get back into the industry I had been working in. I was sending out CV’s every day and hearing nothing back.
I went to Denise for help improving my CV. She spent some time getting to know me, to understand what I wanted from my career and what my strengths were. Together we built a CV that played to my strengths, it was concise and professional.
In what felt like no time at all I was being invited in for interviews, and I secured a job that I love! I would gladly turn to Denise again if I ever needed career guidance.
PC – Site Services Manager, Construction