Evenfields Community

About our Mission

Evenfields Community is a Community Interest Company founded  by recruitment expert and entrepreneur Denise Myers. 

Based in the West Midlands, Evenfields Community champions Black Talent, helping young adults in black communities to unlock their potential and thrive by securing employment. We are passionate about diversity, inclusion and belonging, and it is our mission to help young black adults get started and develop their dream careers. As part of our mission, Evenfields Community has designed, and is currently delivering, a multitude of employability programmes for the community, as well as business programmes, in order to build a bridge between both groups and initiate this movement of change.

Why does this matter?

Recent unemployment figures shockingly reveal the severity in which society is failing young black adults, amongst a multitude of systemic bias in the recruitment system leading to underrepresentation, and, consequently,  a lack of confidence, aspiration, and ambition within the black community.

Since the tragic death of George Floyd in April 2020, organisations and governments have been looking for ways to address the imbalance in their businesses and deliver social impact in the communities where they are located and operate in.  At Evenfields Community, we want to dig deeper and go one step further. We want to offer the life changing opportunity of social mobility to black youth, through careers opportunities and the chance to have a clear career goal with
the tools to navigate that journey.

Evenfields Community's Founder

Hi, I’m Denise.
I was born and bred in the West Midlands and I live in Birmingham.

​ I’m passionate about career choice, providing opportunities, and progression for people of colour. I also love gin and music – R&B and Reggae Dancehall are some of my favourites.

​ Years ago, when I began my career journey in the corporate world, would I have mentioned that “dancehall” was my music of choice in my bio? – I very much doubt it!

Denise's career story

I am a recruitment expert, an entrepreneur, a founder of three businesses and a proud mum of two amazing children. My parents came to the UK from Jamaica and worked very hard to instil moral values, confidence and resilience in me – in their eyes I was able to be anything I wanted to be, they had high hopes for me and my siblings.
I bring over 20 years’ experience of recruitment, career coaching and management to the table, and in that time, I have placed thousands of people into amazing roles and coached many more through the interview process.
My goal is to use my abilities to help my community and women of colour to succeed in their careers. To provide advice and assistance to negotiate the career barriers we come across on a regular basis.

At Evenfields Community, I will help you to:

  • Elevate your personal brand in the workplace and in the market
  • Make seamless career transitions out of specific industries or professions
  • Develop powerful relationships with recruiters, hiring managers, line managers, co-workers and peers
  • Revamp your CV, interview style, online presence, and job search strategies