Evenfields Community

What we do

As part of our mission to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace and champion Black Talent, Evenfields Community has created a variety of programmes designed to help the black community with their career and employability journeys whilst guiding employer organisations on a path to equality and change. Why do we cater to both the community and companies?  Because we know that change is complex, and we believe that targeting both sides of the coin is the most effective way to equip and prepare people to success. 

Black Careers Matter Masterclasses

The Black Careers Matter Masterclasses are delivered through a range of confidence-building and work-experience activities that coach young adults in the black community to identify their career goals whilst also providing the tools to get there.
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EDI Business Programmes

Our EDI Business Programmes coach companies and organisations step-by-step on a path to leading change in their mission to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace. We will give you all of the necessary tools to break down barriers and resistance to change.
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Online Resources

A database of online resources designed to nurture and empower Black Talent.
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Events hosted by Evenfields Community to showcase achievements and uplift the community.
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